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Nutrition Centre
D'Adamo's Personalized Nutrition
Our Purpose
The company’s desire to improve on the healthy living of individuals in the country
Real Estate Development
Dealing In Properties Including Land & Buildings
Who We Are
We are a fully personalised and focussed real estate company with ability to handle all facets of real estate transactions.
Agricultural Export
Non-Traditional Cash Crops In Uganda
What We Export
Such as ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, citronella oil, chilies, pineapples, passion fruits, apple bananas and aloevera but mainly cured natural aromatic vanilla

consultationAt Taimex Nutrition Center, we advise people on the following;

  • Food specification for individuals according to their blood groups and genotypes.
  • Quantity and quality specifications
  • Best water consumption behavior
  • Food layering and food combination
  • In addition, we advise individuals on the right exercises and lifestyle strategies compatible to their blood groups and genotypes.